We are a Broadband and FTTC ( Fibre to the cabinet ) reseller for Entanet, a wholesale voice and data communications provider. We are however very happy to work with any ISP in getting you on-line. We find Entanet particularly good when dealing with problematic connections to the internet as we have direct access to the BT Openreach systems allowing us to fault find more quickly.

For wireless mesh networks we tend to use OpenMesh along with the on-line Cloudtrax control panel. This system works fantastically well, is incredibly stable, easy to increase the size of the mesh and incredibly straightforward to administer on-line.

For VOIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) telephony we have used Gradwell for many years. Gradwell provide a feature rich, but cost effective and straightforward to use on-line telephony system.

Working in the Devon countryside we have come to rely on the high performance and great stability of the Ubiquiti wireless devices for our longer range custom wireless solutions. Generally getting a faster Broadband signal to somewhere that has a poor internet connection or providing wireless coverage over a large area and long range wireless relays.