We use WordPress as a medium to create taylored websites to suit a range of diffrent requirements from simple one page brochure sites to multipage sites filled with content and interactive features. Originaly created as a simple platform for basic blog design WordPress has become increasingly more powerfull over the last few years and now incorperates a vast libary of customisable features, making it possible to create the following types of websites.


Tourism, hospitality and booking – whether you own a hotel, B&B or any other business that takes bookings we can create a visualy impressive site that allows customers to make bookings online.

Businesses – we can create informative websites filled with content and images to help spread the word of any company aiming to attract new custom.

eCommerce –  (Online Shops) You can accept payments, manage inventory, shipping, taxes, and users from the same roof.

Porfolio – having a web based porfolio is a great way to expose what you do to a wider audiance, we can create a visualy impress platform for that exact purpose.


Our Work


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Our starting price for a basic site is £350 excluding domain name costs.


For all enquiries please contact us in the office by either calling

01548 898183 or email





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